Eufobia is a metal band from the city of Sofia Bulgaria. The name of the band is of ancient Greek origin and it literally means “fear of good”. The band was founded by Niki (Guitar & Vocals) and a couple of friends Steff (Bass & Vocals) and Blago (Drums). They invited later their friend Ivan (Guitar) to join the band and since then no band member has ever been replaced.
The band has released three albums so far. The debut album ”Insemination” was released in January 2010 by the Romanian label AxaValaha Productions. A year later, in 2011 the second album of Eufobia ”Cup Of Mud” was released by the Bulgarian label Wizard LTD and the third one, which was called simply “Eufobia”, was released in 2016 by the same label.
Eufobia tours regularly across Europe. So far the boys have performed live more than 200 times and have shared the stage with well known bans such as Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Rotting Christ, Vader, Immolation, Onslaught, Malevolent Creation, Pyogenesis, Christ Agony, Primordial, Gorgoroth, Sinister, Broken Hope, Suicidal Angels and more. In 2018 Eufobia won the W:O:A Metal Battle contest, which gave the band the opportunity to perform on the stage of the world’s most important metal festival – Wacken Open Air!