CRIMENA were formed in 2012 in Craiova, Romania by bassist Vali. The band hit the stage for the first time in November of that year.
Throughout 2013 – 2015 the band composed new material and focused on building their fan base by performing in shows across Romania. Their music is fast, groovy and rhythm based.
Known for being loud and outspoken Crimena indulge the audience with subtle melodies from time to time and offer an unrestrained and honest performance on stage.
With the departure of their first drummer who was replaced by Cristi in 2014; the band continued performing live in major Romanian festivals as well supporting well known acts including Unearth, Jinjer and Riul Doamnei. 2015 marked the year of Crimena’s debut EP release ‘Genesis VI:XII’ along with the music video for the single ‘Bitter Pill’.