Akral Necrosis is one of the most long-las_ng Black Metal bands in Romania, founded in 2006. The group has 2 albums released so far: “Pandemic Dominion” (2011) and “Underlight” (2016) along singles and two EPs (2011, 2015), characterized by an aggressive style and themes that cynically project the promiscuity of the human-vice rela_onship. The band’s shows have been praised through the years by the public and also the media, sharing the stage with Hecate Enthroned, Cirith Gorgor, Ancient Rites, Necrodeath, Eastern Front, Cadaveria, Keep of Kalessin, Onslaught, Ends_lle, Absu, Sep_c Flesh, Ro_ng Christ,Vulture Industries and many more.